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Dengfeng Weather and Climate

Dengfeng enjoys a warm temperate continental climate, with four obvious seasons.The hottest July reaches an average temperature of 27.5 ° C and the coldest month is January with the average monthly temperature of -2 ~ 2 ° C. The annual rainfall is about 636 mm. The annual average temperature reaches 14° C.

Best Time to Visit Dengfeng
If prepare appropriate package for the trip, Dengfeng weather is suitable for travel all the year around . The hottest July of weather in Dengfeng reaches an average temperature of 27.5ºC(81.5ºF) and the coldest month is January with the average monthly temperature of -2 ~ 2 ºC(28.4-35.6ºF) in Dengfeng weather.

According to the record of Dengfeng climate records, the best time to visit Dengfeng is spring and autumn, which is February, March, April, August, September and October.

From middle February to April is Spring of Dengfeng which is regarded as one of the best time to visit Dengfeng.In February, the annual temperature of weather in Dengfeng is -2.1-7°C(28.2-44.6ºF). Dengfeng climate reaches to 2.5-11.7°C(36.5-53.2ºF) in March while in April, the range of Dengfeng weather is 8.7-18.7°C (47.8-65.7ºF).

At this time, you can choose Shaolin temple as your destination.Remember to take coat and jacket with you in case of wide ranges of temperature.

Summer in Dengfeng weather is a relatively hot period. The average temperature is above 23 ºC (73ºF). The rainfall is also rich during this time as the annual rainfall is 78mm.

Remember to take umbrella with you not only in case of sudden rain, but also avoid direct scorching sunlight.You can choose cool clothes like T-shirts and shorts.

Dengfeng weather in autumn is still a little hot in August which ranges from 21.1ºC (70ºF) to 28.3 ºC (83.1ºF). And then weather in Dengfeng gradually cooler and cooler in the months of September and October.
While the ancient spots in Dengfeng are attractive, the sceneries of autumn are also splendid.Your autumn Dengfeng trip still need to package coat and trousers because the Dengfeng weather in mountain ranges sharply.

Dengfeng winter is from November to January. The extremely cold days of Dengfeng weather come in January, snows fall many times and you can watch quiet and beautiful snow scenery in mountain of Dengfeng.
Thick overcoat and other cold-proof stuffs are needed for your winter adventure.