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Deqin Weather and Climate

Climate in Deqin belongs to cold temperature zoned highland monsoon climate which is formed mostly by the influence of the high altitudes in Deqin County. Latitudes have less influence in the climate. The increase of altitude results in the decrease of temperature and increase of rainfall. Four seasons in Deqin are not distinct in Deqin, but it has distinct wet and dry seasons.

Deqin has an annual rainfall volume of 633.7mm with rainfall in the wet season from May to October occupies 77.5% of the total amount. Rainfall in the northwest has an annual 660mm and the southeast has an annual 850mm. Deqin has an annual average temperature of 4.7℃ with the extreme hot temperature of 25.1℃ and the coldest temperature of minus 27.4℃. Deqin has 1980 hours of sunshine hours in a year. It has long frozen days of 236 days in a year.

Deqin has long and cold winters, and short summers. But summers of Deqin are not that hot because of its high altitude. Winters are quite dry while summers are much humid in Deqin. Thus, winter is the best time to visit Deqin despite of the coldness