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Fenghuang Weather and Climate

Fenghuang County is situated in the Middle Asia subtropical monsoon wetness area with distinct four seasons and comfortable weather. The annual average precipitation is about 1308 mm, the annual average sunshine hours is about 1266.3, and the annual average temperature is about 15.9 ° C.

Weather in Fenghuang has a subtropical monsoon humid climate and features distinct four seasons. The annual temperature in Fenghuang is about 16 ° C. July is the hottest month of Fenghuang while January is the coldest month.

Becuase of the difference of the terrain differences (it is higher in northwest and lower in southeast part of Fenghuang Ancient Town), the climate in Fenghuang can be classified into three types: cold mountainous area in the northwest part (the northern part of La’er Mountain and Shanjiang area) over 700 meters above sea level; comparatively warm part (the southern part of Jixin District and suburb area); and the third type lying between the two types.

The best time to visit Fenghuang
is between March and November when it is not too hot or too cold. It is advisable for tourists to avoid May festival (May 1st to 7th) and National Holiday (October 1st to 7th), because there will be very crowd with visitors.