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Guiyang Weather and Climate

Located in the Ferrel cell rings, Guiyang City is perennial affected by the westerlies, and has a mild humid subtropical climate. The annual average temperature in Guiyang city is 15.3 ° C, with annual average relative humidity of 78%, and an average total annual rainfall of 1129.5 mm. The hottest days  come in late July, with a top temperature of only 28°C. The coldest days are in early January, sometimes may drop to as low as 0°C. 

Guiyang enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate and is temperate with a very comfortable Summer and a mild Winter. People in Guiyang are proud of their extraordinarily pleasant climate with its annual average temperature, and often compare it to Kunming as "Another Spring City". The moist, subtropical climate supports an abundance of flowers and trees in Guiyang. Winter here is quite mild and is characterized by abundant rainfall and long frost-free periods.

Because the air is pure, haze-free, and fresh, and sandstorms never hit the city, people in Guiyang feel very proud of their mild weather, there's the saying that "while there is Paradise above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below, Guiyang weather is the most agreeable." So for travelers, they can visit the Guiyang city at any time of the year, but the best time may be March and April when many a Miao ethnic minority festival is held.  

The spring of Guiyang is from March to May. Guiyang weather in spring is warm but is changeable with some short periods of cold days. Rainfall is frequent but is mostly drizzles. Prepare shirt, light sweater, coat and umbrella for Guiyang tour in spring time. Especially in late spring when is the rainy season in Guiyang, remember to take rain wear along with you whenever you go out. 

Summer of Guiyang is from June to September. The average temperature in summer time is 23°C; the average high temperature ranges between 25°C and 28°C, while the average low temperature ranges between 17°C and 20°C. Therefore, any summer clothes will do, such as shorts, shirts and skirts, but it is also suggested to bring a light coat for the evening or even a sweater if you visit mountainous areas.

Guiyang in Autumn is short form October to November and the weather gets cooler with the breeze. Guiyang weather in autumn features lower average temperature, lower rainfall, and usual sunshine time equally with the average value. In early autumn, the weather is still pleasant for travel all around Guiyang city. Huangguoshu waterfall is still abundant of water with beautiful autumn natural scenery. Recommend to bring light sweater, trousers and so on warm clothes in case of sudden cold current and strong wind.

Guiyang winter is wet, cold and gloomy. Winter of Guiyang is from December to February, and it is the longest season in Guiyang. Sometimes the temperature of Guiyang weather falls between 0 °C and -10 °C, and there are some light snowfalls.
In December, the average low and high temperature is 4 °C and 11 °C. In January, Guiyang weather ranges from 2 °C to 9 °C. In February, it is 3 °C and 11 °C. At this time, Guiyang is wet, cold and gloomy. But it is not windy. The drizzles seem endless and the humidity makes it feel cold, even though the temperature is not very low. Prepare thick sweater and overcoat or down jacket, and bring umbrella when traveling Guiyang in winter.