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Hefei Weather and Climate

Hefei, as the capital city of Anhui Province, is located in the central region of China between Yangtze and Huaihe Rivers. The city possesses a strategically important location, which can be easily accessible from all directions of the country.

Weather in Hefei a sub-tropical humid monsoon climate featuring mild climate with four distinct seasons, 2,163 hours sunshine time and appropriate precipitation for around 1,000 mm annually. The city enjoys a short spring season for around 70 days, the weather chop and change fantasticality in Spring, with a long and the intermittent drizzles can last from June to early July in summer. The autumn features is very comfortable with clear and sunny weather and it snows or rains for only few days in cold winter.

Rainfall concentrates in summer time with the hot tmperature for around 120 days. Also, the city will enjoy a short autumn from around 60 days with the fresh air and comfortable climate. Hefei will has around 115 days winter period with the cold temperature and less snow and rain.

The annual temperature in Hefei is around 16 degrees celsius with the coldest temperature -10 degrees celsius in winter and hotest termperature 38 degrees celsius in summer.

In spring, the average temperature is 12.6 °C (54.7 °F), but the weather may change suddenly. Rainy days in spring accounts to an average of 22 days and the wind blows at its highest speed of 3.3 meter/second.

In the long summer, the average temperature is 26.9 °C (80.4 °F) and the intermittent drizzles last from June to early July.

The autumn features clear and sunny days and has a mean temperature of 13.7 °C (56.7 °F).

In the cold winter, the mean temperature is 4.0 °C (39 °F), yet it snows or rains for only few days

The best time to visit Hefei is from April to October and guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery, wonderful relics and cozy climate in the city.

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