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Longsheng Weather and Climate

Located 100 kilometers north to Guilin, Longsheng climate is almost the same as Guilin weather.With abundant rainfall and a pleasant climate, Longsheng weather also belongs to a monsoon climate.The average temperature is 18 ° C and average rainfall is 1500 to 2400mm.The summer is not too hot and winter is not too cold.It is a perfect place to escape summer heat.

Longsheng Spring
Longsheng Spring is warm and rainy from March to May.Take a sweater or light coat is enough.It’s necessary preparing an umbrella. Discovering the amazing farming scene of Longsheng in spring is a wonderful experience.May is the best time to see irrigated mirror-like terraces and traditional farming in Longsheng.

Longsheng Summer
Summer is hot and humid in Longsheng from June to August. The average temperature of summer is about 30 ° C.And it rains a lot.Take umbrella, sunglasses and sun screen with you if you go to Longsheng in summer.

Longsheng Autumn

Autumn in Longsheng is cool and mild from September to November.With great weather and pleasant temperature,it’s the best time to visit Longsheng.The paddies of the Longji Rice Terraces are golden in this season.

Longsheng Winter
Winter in Longsheng is cold and moist from December to February.It is rarely snow in Longsheng,but it’s still cold.Although it’s hard to see snow in Longsheng,it’s still very beautiful to see the snow picture at the top of mountains.Take jackets, thick jeans, sweaters, scarves and umbrella when you go to Longsheng in winter.

Best Time to Visit Longsheng
The best time to Longsheng is from April to October.As the best 20 scenic spots in Guangxi, Longji Rice Terraces is a must-go Longsheng attraction. However, the most popular and beautiful periods to Longji Rice Terraces is from May to October, when the scenery is most beautiful.