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Macau Weather and Climate

Macau is located on the northern fringe of the tropical zone. It has a distinctive seasonal climate that is influenced deeply by the monsoon. Prevailing winds and weather types change follow the monsoon pattern. It is warm and moist when the southeast and southwest winds coming from Pacific or Indian Ocean; and is dry and slightly cold when the north winds coming from Mongolia or Siberia.

During the transition period from northeast monsoon to southwest monsoon (March and April), the average weather in Macau is moist and foggy. It is Macau's spring season. Summer is from May to September, when the southeast and southwest monsoon prevailing. It is rather hot and rainy. The weather in autumn (the end of September and October) is sunny and warm, when the southwest monsoon withdrawing gradually and the northeast monsoon advancing south. Winter is from November to February next year, when the northeast monsoon prevailing.