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Nalati Weather and Climate

Nalati is a tourism and leisure resort which has snow-capped mountains, glaciers, forests, valleys, meadows, rivers, waterfalls and Kazakh history, culture and folk customs. The average elevation of Nalati is 1,800 meters, the average summer temperature is 20 °C with the average annual rainfall 880 mm.

Nalati climate
is a semi-arid climate without the strong variation in seasonal precipitation seen across most of China.The weather is dry and sunny all year around. Winters are cold, with an average temperature of −8.8 °C in January. Summers are hot, with an average temperature 23.1 °C in July. The influence of the Dzungarian Altau to the northwest and Boroboro Mountains to the northeast helps keep the city warmer than other cities of similar latitude located further east.

Spring in Nalati is warm and flowers blooming, summer in Nalati is cool, autumn in Nalati is colorful and winter in Nalati is snowy.Four season changing in one day is not a legendry in Nalati.It’s a good place for taking adventures and vacations.