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Qingdao Weather and Climate

Located in north temperate monsoon zone, Qingdao has a temperate monsoon climate with distinct marine features. The urban area is affected by the northeast monsoon, ocean current and water mass, so Qingdao China climate has evident features of marine climate.

Being influenced by its coastal setting next to the Yellow Sea,Qingdao annual weather is especially pleasant for much of the year. The weather is temperate and humid with abundant rainfall.Temperature differences between day and night is slight.There is no extreme cold winter or hot summer.

The hottest time in Qingdao is July and August with the high temperature of 25°C. January is coldest with the average temperature of 0.9C below zero (30.4F).

The best time to Qingdao is from the end of March to early November.If you want take a best seaside traveling,come in the ten days of August.

Spring is warm with plenty of sunshine and a favorable temperature.Summer is muggy and rainy.Take the summer clothes like shirts, shorts and skirts. Prepare a coat for the evening beside the beach.Autumn is cool with plenty of sunshine.Coats, sweaters and shirts are necessary.Winter is cold with strong winds and low temperature. Prepare warm winter clothes such as down jackets and thick sweaters for winter.