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Turpan Weather and Climate

Most people will think of the "Silk Road" first if mention "Turpan". Located in the middle part of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region,the name "Turpan"means "land of fertility and opulence".Being in the second deepest inland depression of the world, Turpan is known as Fire City.It’s possibly the hottest city in China.It’s also called "Fire State" or "Land of Fire" for its extreme summer heat.

Surrounded by the Gobi desert, Turpan has a typical feature of desert climate.The summer here is dry,hot and windy.Winter is quite cold and moderately long. Spring and autumn is short.

Annual precipitation is very low, amounting to only 15.7 millimeters (0.62 in) which makes it one of the driest place in the country.The hottest month is July with an averaging32.2 °C (90.0 °F).The coldest month is January.