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Urumqi Weather and Climate

The word “Urumqi” means “graceful pasture” in Uygur language. Urumqi has a large temperature difference between day and night for its geographical location and continental climate.Urumqi has a distinctive four seasons with long winter and summer and short pring and autumn.

The spring comes in late March.Summer last 60 days in the downtown area and 90 days in the northern suburb.Visting Urumqi in Summer is a good choice.This season is flowery.The average temperature in Urumqi city is lower than other cities, which makes it a ideal place to escape summer heat.

Urumqi’s autumn comes in late August and it’s a golden season of fruit harvests.There is a large temperature difference in October.The best time to visit Urumqi is from May to October when flowers are in bloom and melons and fruits are ripe.

It’s necessary to dress warmly when traveling Urumqi for even in the hottest month, there is a large temperature differences between morning and night.Take warm clothes in hot summer for the temperature will drop sharply in nights. During the cold winter, you will need heavy winter wear.