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Xining Weather and Climate

Xining has the continental semiarid climate. Due to the special geographical location, Xining's weather has strong solar radiation, thus visitors should bring sunscreen or hats. The annual average temperature in Xining is 7.6℃ with the highest at 34.6℃ and the lowest at -18.9℃. The average temperature in summer here is between 17℃ and 19℃, thus the city is a nice summer resort. The best traveling season is from May to September.

Located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Xining is continental plateau climate with low rainfall throughout the year.Ttraveling to Xining,you can not bring an umbrella,you can take some high SPF sunscreen for the thin air,strong sunshine and strong ultraviolet radiation.

Xining has a reputation of "summer capital of China"with average temperature 18℃ in summer.The pleasant climate makes it a perfect place for summer holidays.So the summer is a good time to travel to Xining.