China Weather in April

Spring is in full swing in most areas of China in April. With the weather gets warmer, flowers and fruit trees are blooming. April is a really pleasant time for travelling to China, though tourists might need to be prepared well for rain. 

In northern China, the temperature is cool and mild. However, during April North China is occasionally hit by dust storms. Central and southern China get warmer and damp at this time of the year. In the Pearl River Delta area, sometimes there will be heavy rain and cause floods. The weather in southeast areas of China including Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong kong is warm, with an average temperature of about 25°C (77°F) in the day.


Average Weather in Major Cities of April
City   Beijing Shanghai Guilin Guangzhou Hong Kong Xi'an Hangzhou Kunming Chengdu
High (°C) 20 19 22 26 25 21 21 24 22
(°F) 68 66 72 79 77 70 70 75 72
Low (°C) 8 11 16 20 21 10 12 10 13
(°F) 46 52 60 68 70 50 54 50 55
Rain (mm) 21 89 253 201 189 43 127 24 44
(in) 1 4 10 8 7 2 5 1 2

Clothes to Wear in April

In north China, it is warm in the day but cold at night. Bring warm clothes such as a coat and thick trousers are recommended, although shorts & t-shirts will be ok during the day.

It is humid and damn in the central China. The average temperature is around 15°C (59°F). Short pants and sleeves are good for daytime, but you'll want a warmer and weather-proof layer for evenings and rainy days, of which there will be enough. 

In southern China, it is warm and even hot in the day. Bring pants and sweater or shorts and T-shirt with something warmer for the evenings, depending the destinations you are going to, in addition, umbrella and rain gear are also needed.  

Best Places to Visit in April

The weather in Guilin is mild and warm with some rain in April. On rainy days, the Li River, elegant and odd peaks, pinnacles and the city lanscape are shrouded in the mist, which is especially enchanting, no wander Guilin is a world famous destination for its beautiful landscape.  

Luoping is well-known to photographers, and is beginning to be discovered by average foreign travelers for the expanse of rapeseed flowers planted in the area. Every March and April endless fields of flowers cover the land. The scenery becomes more enchanting when breezes ripple the fields like waves on a yellow lake. 

Guizhou is a province with many ethnic minorities, most are the Miao ethnic group. In April, the Miao people celebrate their Sister's Meal Festival. Tourists should not miss this colorful local pageantry in Guizhou. 

Luoyang is famous Longmen Grottoes and Peonies. There is the famous annual Luoyang Peony Fair held in April. Luoyang Peonies have been famous since ancient times. 



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