China Weather in February

In February, most parts in China are still very cold, especially in North China. The weather condition in February is not too much difference from that in January in northern China. However, in central China, it is slightly warmer than in January. Signs of spring begin to appear by the end of February in central and southern China. In addiion, most of the time, the Chinese New Year, namely the Spring Festival, falls on February. Travellers who visit to China in February can experience this Chinese festival and culture. 

Average Weather in Major Cities of February

Beijing  Shanghai  Guilin    Guagnzhou    Hong Kong   Xi'an    Hangzhou    Kunming   Chengdu
High (° C) 5 9 13 19 19   8 9    17     11
(° F) 41 48 53 66 66   46 48    63     52
Low (° C) -6 2 7 12 14   -1 3    4     5
(° F) 21 36 44 54 57   30 37    39     41
Rain (mm) 5 57 88 69 52   10 84    16     12
(in) 0 2 3 3 2   0 3    1     0

Clothes to Wear in Febuary

In north China: the weather in February is very cold during the day and even freezing at night. Remermber to bring warm clothes such as overcoats, long underwear and fleeces. In central China, it will be quite chilly during the day and cooler at night. The temperature is around 0°C (32°F). A down jacket and a wind-proof jacket are needed. In southern China: It is cool and rainy. Long sleeves, pants, and a wind-proof jacket should be prepared. 

Best Places to Visit in February

Travellers visiting to Beijing in February can go to some ski resorts such as Nanshan Ski Resort. Now, there are more than ten ski resorts in Beijing. What's more, there is the Grand Summons Ceremony held at Yonghe Lamasery, which is also a choice for visitors. The activities and temple fairs during the Chinese Spring Festival are interesting. 

The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is held from January 5th to the February 15th. Therefore, if travellers visit Harbin in February, they may catch the last two weeks and have a chance to see the some of the world's best ice sculptures. 

Hong Kong 
The Pearl River Delta area including Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and Shenzhen is located in southeast China and have warm and mild winter. In Hong Kong, there are many shopping events with great discount for shopping goods in February, especially the clothes and skin care products, as well as many interesting local festivals and events held in February.

The weather in Yunnan province is generally pleasant in February (except for mountainous areas), including Kunming, which is can be regarded as the "Spring City", as well as the tropical rainforest of Xishuangbanna. Travellers can local ethnic customs and festival. February 6th - 8th, there is a Temaoke Festival in Jinuo cottage. The Temaoke Festival is the new year event for Jinuo ethnic group. 



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