China Weather in March

March can be regarded as the beginning of spring in China. The average temperature in March is 3 ° C - 13 ° C, however, it is still rather cold. Generally speaking, March is the last month to take part in the skiing activities. North China starts to get warm day by day and snow begins to melt. Central China is still going to feel chilly and very damp. The rain really starts to kick in now and there will be getting a lot more rain days in both central and southern China. In the south though, the warmer weather will be lovely and you'll really be comfortable in cool spring weather, as well as enjoy the beautiful sightseeing!  

Central China becomes wetter as a prelude to the late spring/summer monsoon season. In the South China, people begin to take off thick overcoats and put on spring clothes.
Average Weather in Major Cities of March

Beijing Shanghai Guilin Guangzhou Hong Kong Xi'an Hangzhou Kunming Chengdu
High (° C) 12 13 17 22 22 14 14 21 16
(° F) 54 55 62 72 72 57 57 70 61
Low (° C) 0 6 11 15 17 4 6 6 8
(° F) 32 43 51 59 63 39 43 43 46
Rain (mm) 8 99 128 85 71 29 138 20 20
(in) 0 4 5 3 3 1 5 1 1

Clothes to Wear in March 

In northern China, it will be a lot warmer during the day but the average temperature is still below-freezing at night. The average rises above freezing. Bring warm clothes such as overcoats, long underwear and fleeces are enouth. In central China, the weather is warming up with an average temperature of around 10°C (50°F), but it still feels chilly during the day because of the damp. A down jacket and a wind-proof jacket are needed, also consider carrying a waterproof or umbrella in case the cloudy weather. In south China, it can be warm during the day but cool at night. You'll be able to wear shorts on some days but it's still advisable to bring some warmer clothes. Rain-wear is essential: half the month can be rainy. Long sleeves and pants, and a wind-proof jacket or umbrella are recommended. 


Best Places to Visit in March

Wuyuan in Jiangxi province is reputed as the most beautiful countryside in China. Its beautiful rape flower fields and Huizhou architectures, as well as other Huizhou landscape are the highlight for travelling to China Wuyuan in late March and April.

The spring of Hangzhou is very beautiful. Travellers can enjoy the Dawn on the Su Causeway in Spring (Sudi Chunxiao,苏堤春晓) and Listening to Orioles Singing in the Willows(Liulang Wenying柳浪闻莺). They are two of the top ten scenes of the West Lake, which is the essence attraction of Hangzhou.

Spring in Shanghai is from March to May. Temperatures climb from cool to warm. Therefore, spring is a good time for traveling in Shanghai. The weather feels comfortable with the average temperature at around 15 °C. 



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