China Weather in May

May is called the beginning of spring in China. The weather is becoming warm and the flowers are bloomed. It is a best time to have China tour without wears too much clothes. You may experience the fresh air and green countryside if you enjoy your tour. Chinese people also like to have outdoor activities during this time, it is called "Ta Qing".

Spring is the best season in North China. The sky will be clear and blue, such as in Beijing. You can take the best time to visit the Great Wall. In the following month, it will be crowd with people.

Central and South China is humid during this time. It is the rainy season in these areas. It usually last till the late of June.

Average Weather in Major Cities of May
  Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Hong Kong Xi'an Hangzhou Kunming
High (°C) 26 24 29 28 26 26 24
(°F) 79 75 84 82 79 79 75
Low (°C) 14 16 23 24 -14 17 14
(°F) 57 61 73 75 57 63 57
Rain (mm) 34 102 284 329 60 147 97
(in) 1 4 11 13 2 6 4

Clothes to Wear in

The North Area: It is comfortably warm during day and cool at night. Short-sleeve T-shirt or shirt and pants are enough for day time. Bring along a jacket to keep warm in the evenings.

Central: It is comfortably warm during day and cool at night. Short-sleeve T-shirt or shirt is enough for day time. Bring along a jacket for cool in the evenings. Carry an umbrella to protect you from the rainy weather.

The South: It is quite hot with highs temperature above 20s °C (80+ °F). Shorts are enough. But it may become cool at some times, so you may need to bring a sweater. Rain gear such as an umbrella or raincoat, but also sun glasses and sun cream, are recommended.

Best places to Visit in

Actually it is a best time to travel China. You can enjoy the splendid scenery in Beijing and try to visit the Great Wall. The cities in central and south areas are in the rainy season, you may need to take care of the weather if you have a tour in these cities. In this month, the rape flowers in Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province is bloomed. The scenery is quite attractive as the following pictures. You may not miss it.




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