Corban Festival

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Place: Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Province and Gansu Province etc
Date: the tenth day of the twelfth month on the Islamic calendar
Corban which is also called “Zaishengjie”and “Zhongxiaojie” is one of the important festivals for Muslims.The festival comes 70 days after the Feast of the Fast Breaking.It’s a festival that Muslims show their obedience and faith to Allah.

Three days before Corban,the housewife begin to prepare adequate food and a variety of fine fried snacks in order nto treat friends and visitors during the holiday season.It’s a fetival to show the cooking and housekeeping of the housewives.

Morning worship on the first day of Corban is the largest of the year.All adult men are to the local mosque to attend Jumu'ah, it’s a spectacular scene.After Prayers, families will go to the cemetery to pray, remember and pray for the death of their loved .

In Xinjiang,after the end of large Muslim Prayers before Kashgar Id Kah Big Temple, musicians will board on the top of the Id Kah Mosque door and begin to beat t Nagra (steel drums),blow Khasawneh (suona).The man will dance the passionate shaman dance to express the festive feeling in the Temple Square.

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