Zhengzhou International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival

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Date: September
Place: Shaolin Temple, Zhengzhou, Henan Province
Zhengzhou International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival aims to not only promote the popularization of the traditional martial arts and raise awareness of Zhengzhou City but also promote and strengthen the cooperation and communication of martial arts among the various countries and regions in the world.

It’s a collection of martial arts, tourism and cultural exchanges in one large comprehensive sections. More than 50 countries and regions, 120 martial arts team, 1,500 athletes participate in this martial arts event.

During the festival, there are many martial arts performances and contests.Many international martial arts exchange activities are arranged.The activities are great such as opening ceremony, closing ceremony, martial arts competitions , Dengfeng welcoming activities and large-scale virtual performances and so on.

In addition to, vistors can take tour to the Zhengzhou Yellow River Tourist Area where offer tourists a taste of folk customs on the both sides of the Yellow River.

  • Zhengzhou International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival

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