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Burqin Dining

At Burqin, except the beautiful sceneries, there are many popular unique and delicious local foods to enjoy. Food at Burqin is mainly Kazak and Uyghur diet, meat, flour-made and dairy products.

At Burqin, there is the night fare street where you can eat a lot of local flavors, among which the most famous one is the grilled pike and Kvass.

Grilled pike take pikes from the Irtysh River as the material to be roasted in the grilled. The grilled pike is quite fragrant with fresh and soft flesh. At this time, you can order the unique wine called Kvass to drink with the delicious grilled pike. Kvass is a kind of local-made beer from Kanas. It resembles the beer we usually drink, but has a uniquely different taste. Kvass is finely made of corn and barley with hops and nectar. It has the same transparent color with amber, but it is a little sour and sweet. It tastes refreshing and cool, and people usually drink the beer with grilled pike. Kvass has become a hot local specialty for people travel there.

Here are some recommendations for dinning at Burqin.

Burqin Night Fare
Address: alongside Kanas River.
This is the place most people go for local flavors.

Dahongyu Hotel(大红鱼酒店)
Address: Shengli Road, Burqin County

Xiao Bai Lu Family Inn(小白鹿家庭客栈)
Address: No.67, Shenxianwan Road, Burqin County.