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Dongguan Dining

Featured Food in Gongguan:

Although Dongguan is a mid-size city in area, a large number of restaurants and hotels have opened here, serving almost all of the flavors of China. Even with these various Dongguan cuisines, the local special dishes and snacks will definitely give visitors a pleasant surprise.

In more recent times, a large number of immigrants from the other parts of China to the city brought their local foods with them. These, combined with the local products and traditions, now feature as typical Dongguan foods.

Generally speaking, the local food consists of different kinds of snack, and some tasty dishes.During some festivals, they are also the most favored food to entertain relatives and friends. At any time, you can try several of them at any snack-bar in the city.

1 Rice Noodles with Roasted Goose on Houjie Street: The highlight of this dish is the broth, which is made from chicken, pork, bone and various spices and ingredients. Roasted goose and lai fen, a special rice noodle made in Guangdong, are added to the savory broth, completing this traditional Dongguan dish.

2 Sanhe Banquet: The word sanhe refers to the three main ingredients of the dishes served at the banquet: rice worms, yellow-breasted bunting and carp. The yellow-breasted bunting is now a protected species, however, and has been replaced in the dish by sparrow, but the name sanhe is still preserved. The three main ingredients can be steamed, fried or baked to make a unique banquet likely to be enjoyed by travelers.

3 Steamed Rice Dumplings Wrapped in Leaves in Daojiao Town: Daojiao zongzi is made of sticky rice and filled with quality egg yolk, mung beans, lotus root, streaky pork, garlic, ginger and various spices. Water cannot pass through the leaves into the body of the rice dumpling. To eat it, you should peel off the leaf outside and put some sugar on the rice. Those who enjoy sweet food will savor this snack the most.

Dongguan Food Streets: 
Garden New Village: Located along Garden Avenue in Dongcheng District, Garden New Village is a well-known food street. A number of dining establishments line the area, including seafood restaurants, western restaurants, bars, tea houses, fast food restaurants, Hakka restaurants and beverage shops. Foreign tourists often head to this area to sample assorted Chinese dishes. 

Xinwan Street: Situated in Xinwenyu Village, Humen Town, this food street stretches about 100 meters and is lined with many little booths made of bamboo. The street is an ideal place to find the freshest seafood and other local specialties.

Xinmin Street: Situated in Xinmin Village of Chang’an Town, this street is lined with wooden latticework and offers abundant seafood. Shrimp, fish, and crabs will be cooked immediately after you choose them, making for a unique dining experience.