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Garze Dining

In Garze, travelers can taste the special local food in the style of Tibetan cuisine, such as tsamba, Kangding bean jelly, mutton soup, Moyu roast chicken, Maiqiu smoked beef, special beef soup, Tibetan barley and more. While eating, you can always drink Tibetan beverages like buttered tea and barley liquor (a kind of spirit made from highland barley). It is an old tradition for Zang Minority people to treat their friends coming from far to barley liquor.

Tibetan Food

You cannot say you have really tasted Tibetan food without trying highland barley wine, buttered tea, sheep blood soup and yak meat.

Among the great variety of Tibetan food, zanba or tsampa (roasted barley flour) and bo cha (yak-butter tea) are the most popular. Other typical Tibetan foods include dried meat, mutton served with sheep's trotters, roast sheep intestine, yogurt and cheese.