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Jianshui Dining

When travel to Jianshui County, there are a lot to eat and enjoy. It is said that there are eighteen local flavors that are quite popular in local Jianshui. Local specialties in Jianshi is mainly featured by its delicious barbecue. Barbecue of Jianshui are mostly spicy. Vegetables, meat, even bugs are hot at Jianshui barbecue. You can taste those delicious barbecues at restaurants, vendors' pushing carts and roadside stands. Typical local flavors at Jianshui are listed as follows.

Guo Qiao Mi Xian(过桥米线)
Guo qiao mi xian, known as rice noodles and has gained its fame all over China. It is made from specially cooked soup, adding rice noodles and other foods like vegetables, meat, chicken, beef, mutton, mushrooms and many other foods according to the theme of the dish you ordered. It is widely welcomed by its delicately selection of material, exquisite cooking techniques and unique flavors.

Qi Guo Ji(汽锅鸡)
Qi guo ji is dish made from chicken by the technique of steam-boiling. Chicken is cooked in a special pottery steam-boiler. When steamed, fragrance of the other materials and the soup are mixed with the chicken to make it tender and ultra flavors.

Yang Nai Cai Kou Rou(羊奶菜扣肉)
This is a dish made with pork to be braised by special locally-made sauce. The pork braised is quite fresh and has a perfect balance between sour and sweet, it is neither too sour nor too sweet.

Nuo Mi Lian Ou(糯米揣莲藕)
Lotus root to be fried with glutinous rice, seasoning with paper, salt, garlic and other materials to get the flavor of crispy, tender, sweet but spicy.

Jianshui Pao Gao(建水泡糕)
With brown sugar, sesame, rose and other favorable materials added to rice glutinous to make rice cake. This kind of rice cake is made by steaming and has the tastes of tender, sweet, springy and fragrant.

Linan Roasted Tofu(临安烤豆腐)
Tofu to be barbecued, and to be eaten by dipping with soy sauce, pepper power, crushed garlic, vinegar, etc.