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Jiaozuo Dining

When travel to Jiaozuo, there are a lot of local flavors to eat. Food in Jiaozuo is mainly flour-made dishes, the soup noodles should be one of the popular dish in Jiaozuo. Popular dishes in Jiaozuo include Hot Pepper Soup, Jiaozuo dried persimmon, JinXianShu baked wheat cake, Henan stewed noodle and so on.

Jiaozuo Dried Persimmon
Dried persimmon is made from persimmon. In late autumn, when you see the red colored forest, those are tempting persimmon trees. Dried persimmons made by Jiaozuo people are much drier in small sizes. These persimmons are easy to preserve for later eating when dried, and would not lost in taste and flavor. Dried persimmons are usually eaten as snack and could be used for making cakes. Also its red color makes it a good choice as gift giving.

Wild Yam(淮山)
Wild yam produced in Jiaozuo has gained wide fame and popularity in China. Yams there are slim and long in round shape. Sweet and crisp, juicy and powdery, its pleasant taste and rich nutrition has made wild yam a popular dish in Chinese cuisine. Also wild yam could be used as a great Chinese medicine when dried.

Hot Pepper Soup(胡辣汤)
When travel in Jiaozuo, the most common people eat in the hot pepper soup. Authentic hot pepper soup is made if various materials, including main materials of beef and beef soup, added materials like rice noodles, skin of bean curd and gluten, and seasonings like pepper powder and paprika powder. You can add vinegar and sesame oil before eating. This hot pepper soup with hot taste and mellow taste always comes as the first choice for breakfast to start a fresh new day.

Henan Stewed Noodle(河南烩面)
Henan stewed noodle is a popular special native dish of Henan Province. This dish is a mixture of meat, soup, rice and vegetable. It is made of noodles and soup with many garnishes. Stewed noodle is rich in nutrition and flavors and quite hot among locals.