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Jinan Dining


Jinan has a wide range of food and cuisine, apart from the traditional Lu cuisine of Shandong you can also taste many different delicacies of China in the city. 

E Jiao of Pingyin

E Jiao is named afte--o was produced. With a long history of 2000 years, E Jiao is boiled with the special black donkey skin and the local natural water from Lang Xi River. In the masterpiece on Traditional Chinese Herbs composed by Li Shizhen, E Jiao, together with ginseng and deer’s antler is praised as the Three Treasures of Traditional Chinese Medicines.

Green Chinese Onion Of Zhangqiu

Green Chinese onion has been grown in Zhangqiu for hundreds of years. The variety known as Huge Phoenix Tree is 150 to 170 centimeters tall and the tallest reaches 2 meters. It weighs 1 jin each and some weigh 3 jin. The Green Chinese onion of Zhangqiu is praised as the King of Green Chinese Onion in the World.

Longshan Millet

Since the Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty, Longshan millet of Zhangqiu had been presented to the emperor. Longshan millet is produced around Longshan Village without any harmful fertilizers.

Rice of Mingshui

It has been planted in Mingshui Town of Zhangqiu for 2000 years. Since the Ming Dynasty, it had been presented to the emperor. It is famous for its full-bodied nice smell.

Hongyu Apricot

Hongyu apricot is also called Golden Apricot which is mainly grown in Licheng and Changqing of Jinan with a history of more than 2000 years. It is regarded as the best in Shandong apricots. It weighs 60-83 grams each and the biggest weighs 150 grams. 91.6—93.9% is eatable and is quite delicious. Hongyu apricot is one of the important exports in Shandong.

Jinan Restaurants

Seafood Restaurants 

Jingya Restaurant
Add: No.207, Yingxiongshan South Road
Tel: 0531—82720268

Jingya Healthy Restaurant
Add: Yinhe Building, Jingqi Weier Road
Tel: 0531—82720268

Shandong Jingya Restaurant
Add: No.21, South Shanda Road
Tel: 0531—88955268

Shark’s Fin Place Restaurant
Add: Qianfoshan East Road
Tel: 0531—82386666

Traditional Dishes of Beijing and Shandong Style

Yangguang Home-Style Restaurant
Add: No.9, Qianfoshan Road
Tel: 0531—82218369

Jinan Restaurant
Add: No.17, Quancheng Road
Tel: 0531—86096888

Xibei Dumplings Restaurant
Add: No.38, Yuhan Road
Tel: 0531—82053876

Quanjude Peking Roasted Duck Restaurant
Branch No.1:
Add: No.21, Heping Road
Tel: 0531—86409999

Branch No.2:
Add:No.61, Heihuquan North Road
Tel: 0531—86428888

Branch No.3:
Add: No.3, Shanda South Road
Tel: 0531—88571111

Hot Pot

Shunfeng Beef Hot Pot
Branch No.1:
Add: No.152, Yingxiongshan Road
Tel: 0531—86968366

Branch No.2:
Add: No.82, Minghu Road
Tel: 0531—86968366

Branch No.3:
Add: No.82, Huanyuan Road
Tel: 0531—88060466