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Kaiping Dining

When travel to Kaiping, there are a lot special local flavors to taste.
There are the Kaiping Roasted Pork(开平烧肉) which is crisp, fragrant but not greasy with the tempting golden color. The Guanghe Fermented Bean Curd(广合腐乳) which is soft and tender with pickled by various traditional seasonings and high quality soybeans to be a popular table dish in restaurants. Also the Chikan Duck Congee and Chikan Claypot Rice are also among those hot delicious foods in Kaiping. Still there are many other special local specialty for you to find out and enjoy, Dongshan honey(东山蜂蜜), Shuikou Chinese Cabbage(水口白菜), Magang Geese(马冈鹅) and so on.