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Lijiang Dining

Lijiang cuisine is said to be a blend of Han and Tibetan styles. The county is famous for its yummy local snacks such as Baba, Bean Jelly, Sanchuan Ham, etc. all of which should be tired by you when traveling in Lijiang.

Local Cusines
Baba is a traditional local snack, which is made from flour and stuffed with meat, vegetable or sugar, thus, it has two different flavors-salty and sweet in terms of its fillings. The flour is mixed with eggs, oil and some other seasoning, then add different fillings and shape it round. Then it will be fried, baked or steamed. Baba is served along with some aromatic sauces, making Baba more tasty.

Sanchuan Ham
Sanchuan Ham is named after the famous Sanchuan dam in Yongsheng county. Although it is not so famed as Xuanwei Ham of Yunnan Province, it is very palatable indeed. Because of the special cooking skills, raw materials as well as weather conditions in Lijiang, Sanchuan ham can be kept well for a long time. Besides, it can be served as an appetizer or used as a side dish fried with other vegetables. Fat but not greasy, fragrant and tasteful are its best features.

Blew liver
Blew liver is made of fresh pig’s liver. In order to deposit for a long time, the pig’s liver is huffed, pickled, and air-dried. When taking it, boil it, chop into slice, and plus some seasoning such as gingeli oil, sauce, vinegar, shallot and ginger power. It is really a savory cold dish.

Bean Jelly
This Bean Jelly is made from a special kind of bean, “Jidou”, which is produced from high-altitude area, and with low output. Bean Jelly is very popular with locals. In hot summer, take a bowl of Bean Jelly, add some seasoning such as chili, leek, pepper, scallion, mustard, vinegar and so on, it really stimulates the appetite. In cold winter, the hot Bean Jelly is served. Take a bowl of hoe one, you will feel warm from head to foot.

Rice Clysis
Rice Clysis is a kind of local snack, poured into chitterling with rice, pig’s blood as well as all kinds of seasonings. Then, fried or braised. Rice Clysis features aromatic flavor and high alimentation, which is the best choice to enrich the blood.

Soybean Noodle
The noodle is not made from soybean flour, but to add the fried fragrant soybean as seasoning. The soup is mixed with shallot, capsicum, oil and vinegar, a good appetizer. According to the personal favor, you can add some fried fish, crisp pignut, pieces of ham, and so on.

Sweet Ferment Rice
The main material of the Sweet Ferment Rice is cooked rice, mixed with wine. After the ferment, the Sweet Ferment Rice is ready-made.