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Lingshi Dining

There are many traditional local cuisine in Lingshi County such as Red bean cake,Jiezhou steamed mutton, Jinnan Laozao and Daizhou Mianma slice.

Red bean cake is created in the late Qing Dynasty, made from peas, gardenia, persimmon. Yuncheng Jishan Mahua is a traditional snack which was originally a palace food.Jiezhou steamed mutton is famous throughout the country.It is one of the four famous Jiezhou cuisines,the rest are Millet oil cake, fried tea and Lard scallions noodles.

Jinnan Laozao which is fermented glutinous rice has a history of more than 100 years and first appeared in the snack stalls.

Daizhou Mianma slice is known for thin slices, crisp, sweet and delicious,it also have a history nearly a hundred years.Vistors can buy Daizhou Mianma in the famous traditional old stores like Juxingrui,Xingshengzhai,Fuchengzhai,Tianxingzhai,Jushengzhai,Fushengkui which are renowned in Shanxi.