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Lingshui Dining

The abundant flora and fauna in Linghsui, together which regional culture, affords local people with bountiful choices on food. Each single of the 11 villages and towns of Lingshui has a signature delicacy, from uncaged poultry, seafood to tropical fruits.

Sour Rice Noodles
This special dish orginates from Yelin Town, but now can be found everywhere in Lingshui. It features a blend of sour, sweet and spicy in  room temperature.It is believed that Lingshui Sour Rice Noodles was developed on the version of Hainan Rice Noodle with local dried seafood and vinegar added in. Sour Rice Noodles in Lingshui was listed as provincial level intangible culture heritage.

Free-range Goose
Goose dish enjoys considerable popularity since raising goose is prevalent among local households in Wenluo town. Geese are fed with grain, seeds and grass in free-range way. According to the recipe, these geese are steamed and simply served with soy sauce to retain its original flavor. 

Lingshui's tropical climate provides an excellent environment for fruits to grow. Watermelon, mango, dragon fruit, wax apple, papaya, lychee, cherry tomato have earned reputation among locals and tourists for their delicate taste and sweetness.

Daan Fish Congee

Daan Fish Congee is a feature delicacy originates from Daan fishing village in Xincun Village, Lingshui. It uses deep-sea puffer fish. Only freshly-harvested rich, which has been stored for less than 10 days, will be adopted to ensure the umami taste.