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Macau Dining

Macau food is as famous as its variety and quality. Travel to this once Portuguese city to find Western gourmet food in the top hotels, clubs and restaurants as well as cheap but excellent Cantonese cuisine in the side walk stalls. There are many popular foods in Macau

All types of budgets are accommodated period. Even the new Sands Casino offers several types of restaurants. Lisboa offers the most expensive gourmet dinners.

Like any Chinese city, food always play a major part in the society but what makes Macau food different is the hundreds of years of multicultural influences as well as the more recent affluence and interest in both Eastern such as Japanese cuisine as well as all types of Western cuisine.

Thus your difficult job will be to choose what type of cuisine you want. Should it be Macanese, a mixture of Portuguese and Chinese, Indian, and even Malay cooking?

You can also choose: Italian, French, American, Brazilian, Japanese, Korean and Mozambique cuisine as well as dishes from Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

If you love the Macau night life, many restaurants are also open overnight thanks to the 24 hour Macau casinos and an active night life.

Macanese Food 

Among the best Macanese foods in Macau are African Chicken (grilled in piri piri peppers), Tacho (a hearty stew of Chinese vegetables and different meats), Galinha Portuguesa (Chicken cooked in the oven together with potatoes, onions, egg and saffron).

Minchi (minced beef with fried potatoes, soy, onions and a fried egg), Linguado Macau (Macau sole fried and usually served with green salad) and Porco Balichao (Balichao' pork). The most popular dessert of course is the Jagra de ovos (sweet egg tart).

Check out the books on Macau food and find some books about Macanese food.

Chinese food
China has one of the richest culinary heritages on Earth. Solid Chinese food is eaten with chopsticks and liquid with a wide, flat bottomed spoon (usually ceramic). Chinese consider having a knife at the table as barbaric, so most dishes are prepared in smaller pieces, ready for direct picking and eating.

Unlike Western meals where meat protein is the main course of a meal, a source of carbohydrates (rice, steamed buns, noodles) is usually the main ingredient of a Chinese meal.

Because of the large and varied nature of China itself, Chinese cuisine can be broken down into very many different regional styles.

Cantonese Cuisine

Cantonese cuisine originates from the region around Canton in southern China's Guangdong province. Of the various regional styles of Chinese cuisine, Cantonese is the best-known outside China; a "Chinese restaurant" in a Western country will usually serve mostly Cantonese food, or an adaptation thereof.

The prominence of Cantonese cuisine outside China is likely due to the disproportionate emigration from this region, as well as the relative accessibility of some Cantonese dishes to foreign palates. Cantonese dishes rarely use much "hot" spice like chilli, unlike, for instance, Szechaun cuisine.

There is a Cantonese saying: "We eat everything on the ground with four legs except tables and chairs. We eat everything in the sky except airplanes."

Cantonese cuisine includes almost all edible food in addition to the staples of pork, beef and chicken -- snakes, snails, insects, worms, chicken feet, duck tongues, ox genitals, and entrails.

A subject of controversy amongst Westerners, dogs are raised as food in some places in China, though this is not a common food one finds in restaurants, and is illegal in Hong Kong and will soon be in Taiwan.

Despite the countless Cantonese cooking methods, steaming, stir frying and deep frying are the most popular cooking methods in restaurants due to the short cooking time, and philosophy of bringing out the flavor of the freshest ingredients.

Macau Chinese food is mainly Cantonese. These is always a huge variety of choices but you should try these popular dishes: sharks' fin soup, sweet and sour pork, fried chicken, meat with vegetables, steamed fish, beancurd or tofu prepared in several ways, Peking duck and Beggar's Chicken.

Chinese Noodles come in different kinds. These are called "fitas" in Macau.

More exotic dishes may include snakes, frogs, eels, seafood and fish These are usually fresh and you have the option to choose from the tank!

Portuguese Cuisine

For your Portuguese dinner, a local favorite is the Caldo Verde (green vegetable soup).

For starters are ameijoas (clams) together with chourico (Portuguese sausage) and olives. Other favorites include the Cozido a Portuguesa, Carne de Porco a Alentejana, and sardinhas assadas.

Portugal's beloved bacalhau (codfish) is available even in the most modest restaurants. Try Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa which is prepared with egg and onions, Bacalhau com Natas prepared with cream or Bacalhau Assado, grilled codfish.

Portuguese food always go with wine which is very affordable and comes in various qualities. The more popular red wines are Dao, Borba and Ribatejo and for white Joao Pires.

Portuguese dessert includes the delicious serradura or any of the convent sweets; barrigas de freira, papos de anjo, toucinho do ceu, doce de ovos, et