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Nalati Dining

Wowo nang

Look like Bagels, among various nangs in Xinjiang,Wowo nang is the thickest one,almost five to six centimeters. Its diameter is about 15 centimeters, with a hole at the center and suger on the outside. It tastes sweet and crisp.At the same time ,it can be kept for a long time.

The way to make Wowo nang is baking.The different proportions of water, milk, edible vegetable oil, salt of the Nang makes different flavor .It need s a good weather to stew Nang.The flavor attracts tourists from all directions to enjoy.

Wowo nang

Nalati cantaloupe
This is a kind of melon tasting sweet and crispy with a light orange color and containing many seeds which are easily removed.It tastes similar with western cantaloupes.You can not miss this refreshing melon wrapped with slices of prosciutto for a sweet and savory appetizer.

The cantaloupe has a reputation of “the king of the melon”, the sugar content is about 15%.It has unique flavor and shape,some of them tastes creamy,some of them tastes with lemon flavor,but they are all sweet as honey and are well known at home and abroad.