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Ningbo Dining

Ningbo Cuisine, also named Yongbang Cuisine, is an important offshoot of Zhejiang Cuisine, famous for its softness and original tastes and flavors. Ningbo food is cooked mainly by the techniques of frying, steaming and braising. As the city is near the sea, seafood, particularly fish, is naturally a popular dish. Many of the ten famous dishes of Ningbo involve seafood.

The 10 famous dishes of Ningbo include Steamed Turtle in Crystal Sugar Soup, Dry Fried River Eel, Bean Curd Skin Roll with Yellow Croaker (fupi bao huangyu), Fried Lichen Cubes (taicai xiao fangkao), Fired Rooster (huiyi jinji), Steamed Pork Wrapped in Lotus Leaf (heye fenzhenrou), Braised Yellow Croaker (cailiu quan huangyu), Goose Liver with Lard (wangyou egan), Yellow Croaker Fish Maw (huangyu yudu), as well as the Yellow Croaker with Preserved Vegetables.

Ningbo is also known for Ningbo Tangyuan, small stuffed buns which are boiled. The stuffing is usually ground sesame mixed with sugar. It can also be mixed with pork. The stuffing is wrapped with sticky rice powder.