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Qingzhou Dining

Menus are generally not in English though some restaurants have picture menus or food displayed in the entrance.
Brazilian BBQ Restaurant. Why not open a Brazilian restaurant in Qingzhou...? It is located on Hai Dai Zhong Lu just east of the river. It's the first restaurant to the south after crossing the river eastwards. It has an excellent meat buffet for ¥78 with an impressive variety - cow, pig, chicken, goose, lamb, prawn, fish, duck, ox heart, ox tongue, and of course as always - the obligatory oddity... here, a grilled tiny baby sparrow.
For some local exoticism, walk down Qianyinzi Rd westwards from Days Hotel & Suites on the north side. Go into the alleys 200-300 meters down (lights will show the way) and invite yourself to one of the restaurants that look more like you have entered someone's living room. Sit on chairs, smaller than a 6-pack, and order the surprisingly delicious goose feet.
Safer options can be found in the more upscale Song Cheng Rd area, including the well known hot pot restaurant Liu Yi Guo.
Several fast food joints are present in the area around People's market on Yao Wang Shan West Rd, including Dicos's, There is a KFC just south of the river on Yunmen Shan South Rd, but no McDonalds.