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Turpan Dining

There are many delicious food in Turpan .Most locals in Turpan are Uigur. So mutton and chicken make up the most important part of daily diet. And Xinjiang people have a crush on noodles. The most famous food in Turpan is lamb kebab. You can find stalls selling this Xinjiang specialty everywhere. When night falls, the night markets are filled with the appealing smell of the grilled lamb. Thanks to the geography and climate in Xinjiang, this place serves the best possible quality mutton.

Baked Mutton Kebabs

Kebabs is popular in Turpan.Vistors can easily find Kebabs in the streets or the bazaars.The way to make Kebabs is stringing chunks of mutton on a skewer and roasting over charcoal until it almost done.Then sprinkling salt, pepper and other seasonings on the Kebabs.It tastes very delicious, crispy outside and tender inside.

Lamian Noodle
Lamian Noodles is also called Hand-pulled Noodles.It’s very popular in Northwest China.The noodles is very thin and strings. Chefs make them by stretching and double the lump of noodle dough many times.There are beef or mutton in the soup,and always have some caraway as herb.

Rice Taken by Hands
Rice Taken by Hands is a popular local food in Turpan.It is made of by many materials such as fresh mutton, rice, raisins, vegetables, carrots and onions.Mixing them together and streamed twenty minutes.People should wash their hands three times and dry them.Sitting around together and eat the food with hand.