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Wuzhen Dining

Wuzhen is a historic town, the restaurant industry is well developed.There are many famous old restaurants in the town.The century-old restaurant Jiujianglou and Three mountain restaurant are famous for their local cuisine,like the "lotus leaf tamales" and "first flesh".The Qianchangrong restaurant is good at making” goat noodles”.

The most famous local specialty of Wuzhen is braised lamb,tasting sweet with spicy,and after the winter solstice the lamb tasting more delicious. Baishui fish in Wuzhen is also one of the famous local specialties. This freshwater fish has very tender meat. No matter it is steamed or braised, you can never forget its deliciousness.

A very popular snack in Wuzhen is fried stinky tofu. And other local snacks like the “Victory Cake”, “Green Pasty” and “Gusao Cake” are all good ones that you should not miss.There are many other delicious food,such as sauce chicken, mildew dish pork, crayfish, small screws, and a variety of seasonal vegetables.