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Xian Dining

The fantastic Xian food are also great charms to tourists. Xian food is featured with classic China’s northwestern flavors and it takes wheaten food, beef, and mutton as the major dishes. There are a large variety of specialties and snacks to taste in Xian and popular snacks that tourists should not miss out include Roujiamo, Mutton Paomo, Dumpling Banquet, Guantang Steamed Buns, Shaozi Noodles, Clear Rice Noodles, and Xian Kebabs.

Mutton & Bread ( Yang Rou Pao Mo )  

As the most famous and influencing snack of Xian, Mutton & Bread is renowned for its pure fragrance and pleasant tastes. You tear a pancake into small pieces and soak them in a bowl of the boiling mutton soup. The soaked pancake is chewy, the soup delicious, and the mutton tender. By taking a small bowl of broth after eating, you will feel abundant fragrance full of mouth and long lasting.

Qishan Saozi Noodle

As early as the Qing Dynasty, Qishan Saozi Noodle was praised by the Emperor for its thin, flexible, shiny, fried, sour, hot and fragrant. The noodles are made of high-quality flour, together with pork, day lily, egg, tree mushroom, bean curd and garlic stem, and several flavoring. It has the tastes of sour and chili, and reserves fragrance in mouth after eating.

Pancake with Stewed Lazhi Meat ( Chinese hamburger )  

It gained the name from the ancient Chinese "meat was nipped between pancake". The meat is more crisp, stewed and fresh. It contains abundant protein, fat. Together with the pancake, it is helpful to increase the content of carbohydrate.

Jiasan Guan Tang Bao (Chinese Soup Meat Dumpling)

Guan Tang Bao is the well-known flavor snack in Xian, however, Jia San's Guan Tang Bao is the most famous of its kind. Thin skin, tender stuffing, fresh broth are its main characteristic. You could not taste its delicious only you have a try by yourself. At the end, don't forget take a bowl of eight treasure congee.

Crystal Cake  

Coming of Song Dynasty, Crystal Cake is a kind of traditional snack. It got the name because of its transparent and clear inside. It has beautiful appearance, tastes oily rather than greasy, and has thick fragrance of rose. It is the representative of Qin-style Snack, reputed as "the head of Qinstyle".

Steamer Pastry

General Feng Yuxiang once praised steamer pastry as "the swallow dish of the civilian". It is the traditional breakfast food of Guangzhong Area. It is a type of sweet pastry made from glue rice and red jujube and gets its name as it is steamed in the steamer evolved from "Zeng", which is a kind of age-old kitchen utensil. It features thick fragrance of jujube and soft and sweet taste.

Sanyuan Liaohua Sugar

Its original can be traced back to Ming Dynasty with a long history of 490 years. In 1900, Sanyuan Liaohua Sugar was offered to Queen mother Ci Xi as the tribute by Xian local official. Because its shape is the same as a kind of fruit named Liaohua in the plain, Ci Xi entitled it "Liaohua Sugar". It is in the shape of drumstick, and has a layer of white sesame in the golden-color surface, and the alveolation inner inside, so it tastes loose, sweet, soft, grisp and fragrant.

Huang Gui Shizi Cake

Huang Gui Shizi Cake, also called Crystal Shizi Cake, is a flavor snack made of flour and persimmon. The persimmon is special of its kind produced in Lintong Country with the characteristic of orange-red flesh, much fruit powder, no-pit and juice. There are different taste s including sweetened bean paste, jujube mud, yellow laurel and rose, etc. It has golden color and luster, sticky and sweet coat, balmy smell.


Guokui, one of the eight bugbears in Shaanxi, looks like armet just as its name implied. It is usually renowned for being dry, crisp, white, fragrant. Originally, it was the gift the grandmother presented the grandson at his one-month old. Later, it developed into a kind of traditional foods made from flour.

Shaanxi Liang Pi

At the mention of the original of Liang Pi, it can be traced back to Qin Dynasty. At that time Emperor Yingzheng applauded its soft, smooth, and flavorful sourness and piquancy, then appointed it as royal tribute. Soft husk assistant with vermeil cayenne oil, bean sprout as well as celery, it is absolutely delicate. You won't forget its sapor for life unless you take a taste.