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Xining Dining

Xining cuisine is famous in the Northwest of China.There are many famous and cheap local snacks such as Noodles, meat offal, Mahua, Guokui, mutton, boiled goat liver, steamed fish and so on.

Qinghai has a wonderful pasture, Xining yogurt is a unique cold dairy drink on the prairie.It is the great season making fresh cool yoyurt from mid-summer to late autumn.

In agricultural areas and agricultural and pastoral areas, people also have the habit of eating yogurt, especially Muslims.They put the cooked yogurt in a small bowls,drop little vegetable oil on the surface,making it white as fragrant fat.Adding a spoon of sugar,the yogurt tastes sour and sweet,becomes more cool and delicious.

In Qinghai, you can also enjoy roasted barley, Naipi (also called dry cheese, and similar with Western "bogey Division"), milk tea and grasping meat which embodies the characteristics of Qinghai.