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Zhaoqing Dining

As a branch of Lingnan (south China) cuisine, food in Zhaoqing features light touch, umami, tenderness with tasty paste. Signature local dishes include steamed Zongzi, rice-flour noodles,beancurd jelly, bamboo shoots. Gourmet festivals are held twice every year in Zhaoqing.

Steamed Zongzi
Zhaoqing Steamed Zongzi is a variation of traditional Zongzi among Chinese households, sticky rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped with bamboo reed, or other large flat leaves. In Zhaoqing, wrapping a large and tetrahedral Zongji is a skill that is passed down through generations. 

Rice-Flour Noodles
This popular noddle originates from Sihui, a county-level city in Zhaoqing. It has gained fame for the smooth noodle, the light but tasty noodle soup, and diverse choices on toppings.

Beancurd Jelly
Utilizing the spring water from Dinghu Mountain, the beancurd jelly served in Zhaoqing distinguish itself from it kind by its fresh and sweet touch.

Fresh Bamboo Shoots
Bamboo shoots grown in Sihui is famous for its fresh and crisp taste. It can be slightly pickled into a appetizer or braised with meat dishes to add freshness.