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Zhongshan Dining

Zhongshan cuisine make use of the local abundant resources. The fresh raw materials are cooked by the traditional Guangdong style, namely keeping the maximum original flavor of the materials. There are two famous specialties in Zhongshan, fried pigeon and almond cake.

Roasted  Pigeon

Shiqi is a district of Zhongshan. Shiqi pigeon is nationwide famous with its big size, thick brisket, and tender and juicy taste. The pigeon is first marinated for around 20 minutes. Then paste the pigeon skin with syrup. The last step is to fry it. The dish is presented with appeal in appearance, smell, and taste. You can enjoy authentic Shiqi Pigeon in Shiqilao Restaurant. The address is No. 36 on Kanghua Road. 

Almond Cake

Almond cake is considered as the representative food of Zhongshan. Don’t be confused by the name. The cake is actually made of mung bean flour. It get the name “almond cake” since it is originally made into the shape of almond. The baked cake is rich in flavor. It is so soft and melts sonly in your mouth. Almond cake is not only the favorite of Zhongshan people. It is also the best souvenir and gift for visitors.