How to get around in Beijing?
11:29 Mar.05, 2014
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I’m going to Beijing during my summer vacation. How to get around and enjoy a good time?Has anyone has good idea to travel without a tour guide? Any advice on traveling in Beijing are welcome!

Re RE:Olivia : It's a wonderful experience to try the lifestyle of local Beijinger .You can start your day with a local breakfast which consists of tofu with a  spicy sauce,deep fried donut,a basket of meat buns , and wonton soup with dumplings . Wandering around in the small alleys has a lot fun .You can start from nanluoguxiang , and walk up north, and then east will get you to the drum and bell tower .

Re RE:Olivia : Heylo Olivia! 

Beijing is pretty English-friendly for first time travelers. Getting around the subway is not too complicated as the announcements are in Chinese and English. As a first time visitor I would perhaps be more comfortable traveling with a tour guide as they do know all the ins and outs of the city. 

Traveling by yourself is also safe but if you're not too sure what sights to visit having a tour guide is handy. My tip is if you plan on travelling solo its best to plan before you take off to China so you're well prepared. 

Hope you have fun! 

Re RE:Olivia : Hello, Oliva. I've been to Beijing several years ago. And I happened to travel to Beijing also in summer vocation. Summer is a great time to travel to Beijing, I think. 

Well, ok, back to your question. There are a lot of places you can visit in Beijing. Those famous attractions like Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City... There are couples of sites like these. But, I would recommend some great ones. The Great Wall is the place well worth seeing. Really. And, the Wangfujin Street. Yeah, I love this street a lot.. Those cute and exquisite handcrafts are excellent, I bought some for my friends as gifts. And, do not miss the snacks sold in the street. I love them.

Nanluoguxiang, hmm, this is a greaaaat place you should go. You will find surprises there. And Houhai. If you want some awesome bars, Houhai is a great choice.

I've been several other places. But the above ones gave me the best memories.

By the way, I travel to Beijing by myself. But, of course, before the travel I searched a lot on the Internet and had asked advice from others like what you are doing now. If you have collected enough information, you can travel in Beijing without a tour guide..

Anyway, wish you a nice trip..

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