How about china's food eating habits?
14:35 Mar.05, 2014
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China Food
I’m going to China in summer.And now I’m doing my own project on china.If anyone can tell me " How about china's food eating habits?do people eat a larger breakfast, which meal is more important? Luncheon or supper?" 

Re RE:Olivia : One thing is important that Chinese people use chopsticks when dealing with their brunch and supper. So you may have to get accustomed to this habit.

Most Chinese people neglect their breakfasts as they are always hurry to go to work. And because they do not have much time to handle their lunches, supper seems the most important meal. They have time to have supper with their family or friends after work. And supper is a great time for them to get socialized.

Well, I have a question for you. Do you eat chili? I was found to love chili when I came to China. If you want to have a try those spicy dishes, Sichuan cuisine should be the first recommendation. :)

Re RE:Olivia : The main difference between Chinese and Western eating habits is that Chinese put all the dishes on the table and everybody shares together unlike the West where people has their own plate of food.They have three meals a day like Western.Breakfast is eating at home and easy.Lunch is the most important meal in the day.Beijing has a variety of delicious food ,so enjoy your tour!

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