What to buy in Shenzhen,China?
14:44 Mar.14, 2014
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I'm going to Shenzhen in Guangdong province,China.I wonder if someone have opinions about what to buy.I'm a girl and I love shopping,such as dresses,bags and local specialties.Thanks!

Re RE:Isabelle : Never ever miss Dongmen in the Luohu District when you are on shopping in Shenzhen. At Dongmen, you have a wide selection of various items, from ordinary to international branded and luxury products, from stalls to large malls, and styles covers a wide range. The Sun Plaza and Maoye should be your primary choice for stylish clothes and shoes.

Re RE:Isabelle :
Hi,I have been travel to Shenzhen once a time.It's really a shopping paradise .You can find almost everything a girl like from designer fashion to street stall threads, international brands to local products, the mundane to the exotic.Most prices of them are reasonable.
Here are several places you can go shopping:
North Huaqiang Area (Hua Qiang Bei)is a place featuring electronic products.But you can also buy great home appliances, timepieces, clothing and jewelry here.
Luohu Commercial City is a five-story building selling clothes, jewelry, fashion accessories and traditional craftworks with a relatively low price.
MixC Shopping Mall has a luxurious shopping environment.And It mainly sells clothes, cosmetics and fashion accessories of international brands.

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