What special food and drink in Tibet?
17:34 Mar.14, 2014
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What special local food and drink in Tibet I should try when I travel to Tibet? Anyone has some recommendations? Thanks.

Re RE:Jim : With a high altitude,Tibetan is lack of vegetables and fruits.The traditional Tibetan cuisine is mainly based on dairy products (yak milk and cheese), yak meat and barley.You can eat all kinds of Tibetan cuisines in Lhasa.

The most common food in Tibet is Tsampa (Zan Ba).Tibetan eat it every day and every meals. The Tsampa is made of highland barley which is similar with the stir-fried noodles in northern China.It tastes goluptious, crisp and sweet and is suitable for allaying hunger and keeping out cold.

Air Dried Meat is also the common Tibetan food.It often refers to the beef and mutton.It always eat with pimiento juice and tastes savory and crisp.The unique taste makes people having endless aftertaste.

Tibetan love tea and the most popular tea in in Tibet is butter tea.It is a beverage with abundant nourishment.This tea has wonderful function.In the cold winter,as soon as you dinked the butter tea, you will feel warm from heat to foot.

There are many other local food and drink in Tibet like Tibetan-style Meat Baozi,Tibetan Bakemeat,Tibetan Sausage,Chang (Highland Barley Wine)and so on.But those three are my favorite Tibetan food.

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