Why do you like the Chinese food?
11:44 Mar.20, 2014
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China Food
You know that one third of the world's population eat Chinese food daily.Chinese food has become a worldwide food.I want to know that why you like the Chinese food.Do you like it for the color, flavor, aroma or the cooking recipe?What is your favorite Chinese dish?

Re RE:Dodie : hey Dodie, where do you live?

Re RE:DeeDee : I love Chinese cuisine as well as Chinese culture.As one of the greatest cuisine in the world,Chinese cuisine is a central part of the Chinese culture.Chinese cuisine has a great influence on the development of Chinese culture.I consider Chinese cooking has developed into a very sophisticated art.

Re RE:DeeDee : Wow, when mentioning Chinese food, I get a full mouth of water immediately… Haha~~~
For the wide variety of Chinese food, Hunan cuisine is good, very spicy. Sichuan cuisine is great, have nice taste. But I like Guangdong cuisine the most. Guangdong cuisine is delicately made with fresh look, but also has high nutrition. Fried Muscle with Fruit Juice and Braised Young Pigeon with Lemon and Sweet are my two favorite Guangdong dishes. Fired shrimp with Yam, Boiled Chicken with Sauce, Three Cups Duck, etc. So many to mention.
Also Dim Sum form Guangdong cuisine is also my favorite. I miss the shrimp dumplings, rice roll and coconut flavor cake so much.


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