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11:43 Apr.08, 2014
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Hey guys,

i am learning Madarin Chinese now and i am confused by the usage of measurement indicator. are ALL the nouns have to be followed by a measurement indicator? and can measurement indicator and measurement unit coexist in one sentence? 

best regards, 

Re RE:Thomas : Thank you for your answer!
but, yeah, dube, it confuses me even more. uh,, Chinese language is so difficult to learn!

Re RE:Beckham : in fact it depends on the sentence you are using. e.g. My cellphone doesn't work 我的手机坏了。you don't have to use an indicator here. but if you say it like, "that cellphpone doesn't work, 那个手机坏了。in this case, you use the indicator '个‘.

hope I didn't confuse you even more :)

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