More tourism attractions in the Michelle Obama travel route?
12:26 Apr.08, 2014
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I know weeks ago Michelle Obama went to China for travel and communication. Next week I will get my vocation and I'm planning to travel the same route with Michelle did. I’ll travel to the same cities she went, but spend more time in those cities. So, could you give me more highlighted attractions at those tourism cities? Beijing and Xi’an should be my focus. Thanks for your information.

Re RE:Alisa : There are many interesting things you can do in Beijing.Buy yourself some BBQ Sticks and Tsingdao beer,sitting at Sanlitun village and observing throngs of people hurrying by.Killing your time in bars of Sanlitun and Gongti.Go skiing and enjoy the hot springs in the winter.

Re RE:Alisa : These three cities are not only famous tourism cities but also popular food cities in China, so I would like to recommend local Beijing food, original Xi’an food and authentic Chengdu food. Wangfujing Street in Beijing should be a great choice to taste local Beijing food and snacks. Numerous traditional local specialty of Xi’an are found at Muslim Quarter and Jinli Street should be the most popular food street in Chengdu.

Re RE:Alisa :

Among the three cities, I only went to Chengdu with my family last year. This is a city that you would love even you just traveled there once. We went to see Chengdu attractions like the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, Panda Research Base, Jinli Street, Three Stars Piles Museum, Wenshu Monastery and Thatched Cottage of Du Fu. By the way, do not forget the two ancient towns, Luodai Ancient Town and Lizhuang Ancient Town, there are quite interesting.


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