Any Karst landscape attractions to visit in China?
17:25 Apr.14, 2014
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Hey, I’m doing geographical study on karst landforms. So I’m intending to see some karst landscaped attractions when I travel to China next month. Do you have any good ideas about my trip?

Re RE:Mike : When I traveled to Yunnan last time, I went to the Yunnan Stone Forest. This famed stone forest brings numerous splendors of karst landscapes. These magnificent, peculiar and steep stone forests have their distinguished features and views. There are alive examples for your study, you should go there.

Re RE:Mike : Karst landscapes in China are mainly distributed in the southern part. The most famous Karst landscape should be the Li River and Elephant Trunk in Guilin and Yangshuo landscapes. There are also many underground caves like the Reed Flute Cave and mountains that are karst landscapes worth a visiting. 

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