How bad is the air pollution in southern China?
15:23 Apr.15, 2014
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hi everybody,

i will be relocated to Guangzhou at the end of May. I saw it on the news that the air pollution is severe in the northern China. However, there ain't much news concerning the south. So can anyone tell me how is the environment in southern China?

thank you in advance

Re RE:Ronaldo : Dear Ronaldo,

The air quality in southern China is decent. Some of the cities are undergoing major constructions such as building subway. That can result in haze and dirts in the air. Guangzhou is not one of them. So you shouldn't worry too much. 

Re RE:Ronaldo : Sup! 

The air pollution in the south is much better than the northern part of the country. i live in a costal city Shenzhen, which is to the far south of the mainland. and the air here is accpetable. i used the word "acceptable" bcoz of course, Chinese major cities' environment is not so good in general. 

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