Attractions for a family tour in Beijing?
17:21 Apr.18, 2014
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I'm traveling to Beijing with my family next month. We havefive people, my dad, my wife and two children. This is the first time we travel to Beijing, also the first time to China. Anyone can give some suitable attractions in Beijing for a family tour for people the first time to Beijing. Best regards.

Re RE:Robert : Dear Robert,

you can try this tour package provided by China Tour Advisors, which is a customized itinerary made for family tour to Beijing. It should be a great choice for you.

Best wihses.

Re RE:Robert : For the first time to Beijing, I think attractions like the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall and Summer Palace are the must see attractions. These attractions are outstanding sites for Beijing and also easy for elder people and children. I went these places with my family when we went to Beijing last time. Hope this would do some help.

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