I want to go backpacking in China
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Hello, I'm from Germany. I'm about to embark on a journey to Asia as a solo backpacker. I am trying to decide whether to include China as one of my destinations. I heard that unlike many other countries in southeast Asia, it is difficult to meet other solo travelers and make friends in China and China is for experienced travelers. are those true? I'm wondering if it is safe to travel in China for an inexperienced blond backpacker.
any comment or advise?

Re RE:Sum : Hi Sum, thanks a lot for your pompt reply. 
But I will have to dig in for more information before deciding my destinations. I really appreciate your help though.

Re RE:Lisette : Hi Lisette,

the statement you heard is kinda true as China is so big and the visa policy is relatively strict. It is not as easy to find like-minded travelers as in some southeast asia countries such as Thailand and Mayasia.
However, it is not true in hot tourism destinations of China. In cities like Xi'an, Beijing, Guilin, backpackers are in great numbers. Stay in a hostel like most other backpackers do, you will still have big chances in meeting other solo travelers. 
With that being said, it is fine for a blond solo backpacker to walk around those tourists clustered destinations. Even you want to travel from one place to another, big cities, small cities, safety should not be your concern. you should worry about the language barrier though.
if you want to go to China, and travel in more than one city. Try our train booking online service. Train is a very good way for solo travelers to travel in China.

Hope it helps,

hope it helps

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