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Golf Course in Xinglong

A Golf Course in Xinglong

Xinglong Kangle Garden Golf Club is located on the dividing line between the tropical and subtropical regions of southeast China's Hainan, the famous Xinglong Hot Springs tourist area, Hainan's Eastern Highway runs through its territory, transportation is very convenient, about a half hour&#3…

A Golf Course in Xinglong

Sun River Golf still retains the original natural terrain, hilly landscape and original vegetation, and make full use of the resources of the Sun River. Island inlets, sand, white reed marshes and a variety of shrubs, vines, distribution, full consideration to the visual experience of the players.

A Golf Course in Xinglong

Shenzhou Peninsula Dunes Golf Course from the hands of the world's top golf course designer Tom Weiskopf, the most dazzling gems like the crown, adjacent to the spectacular sea views, beside the sea designed to reproduce handed golf design classic. Course the overall design take full advantage of…

A Golf Course in Xinglong

Nan Yan Bay is the only Sea View Golf Course in Hainan, it is located in Wanning City, Hainan, South Yanwan Hai Bin, just an hour's drive from Sanya airport, the ball will be 1 hour and 30 minutes from Haikou to export 113 km away from the highway east of Shimei.

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